Draw Write on Sand

Puzzles 15 Played

Do you sharm by sand paintings? Do you like creating drawings on the sand? Implement yourself with the Draw Write on Sand app, because the virtual sand will always be in the pocket. Download the app, try to create your own drawing and soon you will not be able to tear yourself away from the sharm process. Draw little people, castles or whole pictures. Create gifts for friends: write their names on the sand and decorate images with plants, stones, twigs, shells or crabs. Did not work out? Flush the failed drawing with a sea wave by clicking on the "Erase" button and start to create anew. Sand and coastal waves will make you believe that you really walk along the sandy beach. Look for examples of sand paintings and try to draw something like that. Do you like it? Share the masterpieces of sand art with the friends. Become a great artist, just painting on the sand.

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